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Central Quesera Montesinos is located in the Spanish Mediterranean, nestled among the provinces of Valencia, Alicante, Albacete (La Mancha) and Andalusia. Jumilla is a historic city in the high plateau of the Murcia region, with an average altitude of 600 m and is the third largest municipal area in Spain. The land is arid and mountainous, of steppe and fields of rosemary, where goat herds have historically found an unmatched habitat to produce milk of exceptional quality. Tradition, specialization and high standards of quality endorse our progress and trajectory, which began locally in 1978 as a small, traditional fresh cheese factory: “Modern technology for pampered, handcrafted cheese.”

At Central Quesera Montesinos, solid values are the core foundation of our business. The company has no room for someone who fails to abide by our ideals in their day to day work or company related matters:

-Respect, honesty, responsibility, commitment, team work and efficiency.

-Emphasis on food safety and hygiene in the workplace.

-Attention to detail, quality and continuous improvement.

-A high priority given to customer service and satisfaction.

-An emphasis on learning and the desire for self-improvement.


Nuestra fábrica está estructurada en seis plantas de producción, físicamente separadas e interconectadas para compartir espacios y servicios comunes.  Cada una de ellas está equipada con las más modernas tecnologías de producción y dispone de su director industrial y equipos de personas especializadas: Quesos Frescos – Requesón – Postres – Quesos de Cabra Prensados – Quesos de Pasta Blanda – Queso fundido.

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No nos contentamos con ser buenos fabricantes.  La excelencia en nuestras relaciones con proveedores y clientes, un servicio impecable y la mejor relación calidad/precio es el faro que nos sirve de guía. El beneficio no es para nosotros un fin en sí mismo sino una consecuencia de la buena gestión que seamos capaces de hacer y la confianza que ganemos en el mercado.


Estamos comprometidos con el desarrollo sostenible, la mejora continua y la prevención de la contaminación medioambiental. Perseguimos objetivos y metas ambientales coherentes con la naturaleza de nuestra actividad y orientados a minimizar los impactos ambientales. Incorporamos en nuestro día a día planes de formación e información para sensibilizar y motivar a nuestro equipo y a nuestros clientes y proveedores en la optimización del consumo de recursos naturales y en su compromiso con nuestros principios medio ambientales. Certificados en la Norma internacional ISO 140001 desde el año 2008, cumplimos con los requisitos establecidos por las leyes y reglamentos ambientales, y mantenemos una relación abierta y de colaboración con las entidades públicas y otros grupos interesados para la protección y conservación del Medio Ambiente.


Without falling into clichés, people are the most valuable asset at Montesinos. They make up the foundation of our enterprise, formed by a team of young people committed to our company values and ideals. All employees are trained in-house, as this is our most powerful organizational tool, both on a professional and personal level. We understand and view the company as none other than a tool in service to the community and society, which goes far beyond simple personal enrichment or shareholder interest. Stability, the fulfillment of our values by everyone as a whole, and the maintenance of future job security make up company policy guidelines for our employees. The company is formed by everyone, and everyone participates in its stability and growth.

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Ranking even above the subject of quality is an inevitable and additional premise that holds true for all products leaving our factory. This is the 100% traceability of all production processes, from the farmer all the way to the arrival of the product in the marketplace. Everything is subjected to a rigorous system of control and analysis that exceeds legal requirements and thus achieves maximum standards of food safety and quality.

Since 2004, our facilities and manufacturing processes have undergone extensive and in-depth annual food safety and quality audits which conform to international standards under the BRC (British Retail Consortium), having obtained and maintained the maximum certification level available. (Category A)


We make every effort to have our hometown feel the support and participation of Montesinos in all aspects of community life. We view this social commitment as comprising of two facets. The first is strict compliance with all fiscal, social, environmental, and health regulations that affect us as a company. The second facet, which we consider essential, is the intention to use the company as a tool for good in service to the community and society in general. As the involvement and commitment to these goals must be continuously proven and demonstrated, we collaborate financially with non-profit organizations and associations that help support the disadvantaged and less fortunate. In addition, we channel and direct our support to the youth of the area through various cultural and sports activities in Jumilla and the surrounding region. We consider sports to be an irreplaceable school of learning that helps instill and develop healthy attitudes towards life, as well as teaching and reinforcing positive ideals such as commitment, discipline, perseverance, respect for others, teamwork and many other important social values.

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From our beginnings as cheese manufacturers, we have always considered farmers as an inherent and essential component of Montesinos, as they are a key link in the value chain. We dedicate all necessary means to working with our milk suppliers in a collaborative partnership that is dedicated to the improvement of their businesses, from the quality of the milk they produce to the continuous search for profitability for their farms. It’s an industry where the dedication and work involved translates to a continuous, year-round year profession, an enormous sacrifice that must be compensated properly.

We also support the SUSTAINABLE DAIRY PRODUCT initiative from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The principle objective of this initiative is to collaborate and work together for the advancement of the Spanish dairy industry in order to achieve a value chain for milk and dairy products that is efficient and sustainable. Other goals are to help improve the perception of dairy products by the consumer as having high nutritional value and excellent quality through the use of promotional and advertising campaigns, as well as striving to guarantee the long term health and sustainability of the dairy industry.

This seal provides consumers with a guarantee that the milk and dairy products are of Spanish origin, and that they have been received and processed under conditions that guarantee the financial sustainability of the Spanish dairy industry.


Innovation forms a part of the DNA of Montesinos. Within our ten management departments you’ll find our R & D (Research and Development) department, an internal unit charged with the task of continuously improving the quality of our products and working on the development of new, different and innovative products.


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